Bavarian Travel guide for Pokémon Go Player

You are out and about in Bavaria and want to know where to find rare Pokémon or a particularly active community which constantly activates new Lure Modules? Then you are perfectly right here. We will help you out with information and will continue to research in order to provide you with an updated list!



  1. St. Lorenz Church, Nuremberg: There are many Poké Stops for farming in close proximity to the church. At least one of the Stops is usually equipped with a Lure Module.
  2. Cinecitta, Nuremberg: Here you can participate in planned events with Lure Modules and meet lots of other Pokémon Go players 🙂
  3. Nuremberg Central Station: Various Poké Stops within short walking distance. And the historic city center is right around the corner.
  4. Friedrich-Alexander-University – Faculty of Engineering, Erlangen-Nuremberg: Beedrill spottet!



Upper Bavaria 


  1. Englischer Garten, Munich: Lapras has been sighted here! Although, we are not surprised that he likes this place.
  2. Chinese Tower, Munich: This is a highly competitive arena! Go for it!
  3. Silberhornstraße (Subway station), Munich: The rare Porygon has been spotted here several times already!
  4. Munich: Four Poké Stops – all of which feature Lure Modules most of the time – can be found at the Bordeaux-Platz, as well as the Stachus in Munich.
  5. Ingolstadt: There is a Pokémon Arena right in front of the old city hall. Another one is located at Ingolstadt’s main railway station.



  1. Neuschwanstein: Lapras has been sighted near the very famous castle!
  2. Kaufbeuren: The bridge at „Sonneneck“ is a famous place for the very exclusive Pantimos and the very rare Bibors.
  3. Kempten: Between the river „Iller“ and the city park Pokémons, such as Bibors and Jugongs, which you usually don’t come across very often.


Eastern Bavaria


  1. Regensburg: At the Regensburg Cathedral is an Arena and many Poké Stops nearby.
  2. Walhalla, a historical hall of fame close to Regensburg, is the perfect spot if you are on the hunt for Glumandas. It’s basically a Glumanda-nest. Additionally, there are three Arenas nearby.



  1. Augsburg: Near the main train station and also in the ‚Antonsviertel‘ are area where rare Pincers, Amonitas, Schiloks and Elekteks have been seen on several occasions.


Certainly, there is also an active community that has created a Google Maps-based map on which every player can mark the locations where Pokémon have been found.

If you are looking for a specific Pokémon, the map will help you to find the right location. And maybe you are lucky on your next walk! Here is the URL to the ever-increasing map. 

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